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“You never know the stories that people carry, and sometimes, those stories are best shared through song. “Si Yo Fuera Una Cancion” (If I Were a Song) is a podcast about people, their stories, and their lives around Santa Ana, California. Presented in both Spanish and English, this podcast offers a portrait of the city through people’s own words, in their own voices. Music becomes a window into the socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural tapestry that makes Santa Ana such a special place.

The goal of this community blog is to involve, engage, and give a platform for folks with connections to Santa Ana to reflect on themes and ideas posed by episodes of the podcast. We are excited to hear more from local writers, poets, artists, and musicians about topics ranging from migration to childhood memories with a focus on how these different aspects of our lives have shaped who we are and what we aspire to become.

We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis in both English and Spanish.


- Please listen to any episode of your choice
- Reflect on a topic discussed in the episode
- Join the conversation by writing, creating art, or any other form of self-expression to share how you interpret or relate to the topics discussed in your chosen episode
- Share your reflection with us on this Google form
- We will contact you to confirm that we will be including your submission on our blog and on our newsletter

NOTE: you can submit as many reflections on our episodes as you’d like, we are excited to hear from you!


Creatives Spotlight

We are passionate about exploring the vast unique experiences of Santanerxs, and we are excited that you are considering the opportunity to share your personal story.

The goal of the Santa Ana Creatives Spotlight is to involve, engage, and give a platform for folks with connections to Santa Ana to connect and uplift their current local projects and creative works. We are excited to hear more from local writers, poets, artists, and musicians about their work and how Santanerxs can support.

Please fill out all required questions on the form below to be considered for our spotlight.

About the Spotlight:

Si Yo Fuera will be introducing a new series on our bi-weekly newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts that will give local creative minds the opportunity to show what they're all about.

We also hope to spark the potential for collaboration between local musicians, writers, painters, crafters, artists, poets, journalists, graphic designers, models, photographers and more.

There are so many talented individuals in Santa Ana and we want to use our platform to uplift their work.
We will feature a new individual on our spotlight every two weeks. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms linked on our website at

Spotlight Submission

Contribuciones al Blog de la Comunidad

Uno nunca sabe las historias que las personas conllevan, y, a veces, la mejor forma de compartir esas historias es a través de la música. “Si Yo Fuera Una Canción” es un podcast que trata de las vidas y historias de la gente de Santa Ana, California. El podcast se presenta en español y inglés, y ofrece un retrato de la ciudad a través de las voces y palabras de su gente. La música se convierte en una ventana a través de la cual se puede percibir la gran mezcla socioeconómica, étnica, y cultural que hace Santa Ana un lugar tan especial.

La meta de este blog comunitario es involucrar a la gente que tiene conexiones con Santa Ana, y darle una plataforma para reflejarse en los temas y ideas platicados en los episodios del podcast. Estamos emocionadxs de escuchar más de lxs escritores, poetas, artistas, y músicos locales sobre asuntos desde la migración, hasta los recuerdos infantiles, con un enfoque en cómo esos varios aspectos de nuestras vidas han formado quienes somos y que aspiramos ser.

Aceptamos contribuciones en inglés y/o español de manera continua.

Guía para contribuciones:

-Favor de escuchar a cualquier episodio que eliges
- Reflexiona en un asunto platicado en el episodio
-Únete a la conversación al escribir, hacer arte, o cualquier forma de expresión que comparte como te relaciones o interpretes ese asunto
- Comparte tus reflexiones en este fórmula de Google
-Te contactaremos para confirmar la inclusión de tu contribución en nuestro blog y boletín informativo.

NOTA: No hay limite de contribuciones, ¡esperamos recibirlas!

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